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Black Rose Valkyrie to Let Players Get Their Gab On


Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart recently revealed a bit of detail about the Interview system that drives a major gameplay hook of the upcoming Black Rose Valkyrie. As the game progresses, it will turn out that one of the party members is actually a traitor working for the opposition, though who it is will change with each individual playthrough. Enter the Interview system, a way for players to ask probing questions of their party members and attempt to sniff out the turncoat.

Like titles such as Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa, players are required to listen to each character's statements and look for contradictions that indicate the liar. Characters will share information about their squadmates that may be of value, so following closely is a must. However, the game throws in an assist by summarizing the gathered information in a list to be referenced as needed. There will, however, be a limit to how many questions may be asked during the Interview, and choosing not to accuse anyone of being an undercover member of the Chimera forces is always an option.

An additional tool to aid during interviews is to order an investigation performed ahead of time. Enter Kana Hazuki, a non-combat member of the Special Military Force Valkyrie. She can be tasked to dig up additional information on a person of the player's choosing prior to an interview being conducted, and her capabilities as an investigator can be upgraded as the game progresses. There is, however, a cost associated with utilizing her talents, so wise players must learn to employ her sparingly.

Sony's PlayStation 4 will host the Japanese version of Black Rose Valkyrie, due out on June 30, 2016, while confirmation of a Western release is still being awaited. In the meantime, several new screenshots of the Interview system are available below.



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