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Combat Details Blossom for Black Rose Valkyrie


Black Rose Valkyrie

Developer Compile Heart has served up a gameplay video primarily featuring combat and some more details on how combat is to work in its upcoming Black Rose Valkyrie. The Tactical Combat System (T-C-S) revolves around the special weapons, codenamed Valkyries, wielded by the game's heroes. In order to provide maximum destructive power in the fight against the Chimera, each Valkyrie can be augmented to function as a close-quarters, mid-range, or long-distance weapon on the fly. This is accomplished by switching out certain parts within the weapon, known as Armament Parts, and using items found during the game to improve separate Strengthening Parts. Clever use of this system will allow players to string together gunplay, missiles, and melee attacks in a row. An additional Overdrive mode will let players unleash even more devastating abilities, but, due to its taxing nature on the user, must be used sparingly.

As a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Black Rose Valkyrie releases in Japan on June 30, 2016. As of this writing, there has been no official word on an international release.

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