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Kickstarter Check-In: Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~



Indie developer Mr. Tired Media, which consists of two former employees of NIS America, has opened a Kickstarter campaign for its first game. Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ is a hybrid dungeon crawler RPG and visual novel with a heavy Japanese aesthetic.

In this game, the protagonist is named Reginald "Reggie" P. Happenstahnce, who has woken up from a coma to find that that a virus has turned nearly everyone into zombies. He is left a cure by his father and must take it somewhere to be mass-produced. He is joined by six zombie girls who all retain control of their minds, plus a crusty living drifter named Buck with a (possible) heart of gold. Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, Undead Darlings promises to make light of the setting with bright colors, cute designs, and off-the-wall, non-sequitur humor.

The gameplay of Undead Darlings consists of three main components: dungeon exploration, visual novel-style conversations, and battles. 3D dungeons are explored in a first-person perspective, much like Wizardry and similar titles. There is no currency or shops, so weapons and items must be obtained from loot points. As for the visual novel sections, the player is prompted in scenes to make several choices, which lead to unique conversations and let players learn more about the characters. As Reggie gains more affection points with a character, they may start to develop romantic feelings and even volunteer to test the zombie cure.

In combat, characters can discover and use combos by using certain skills consecutively. There is also the Exponential Exploitation System, in which damage is stacked by hitting multiple weaknesses at once with the same skill. For instance, rather than attacking an enemy with its two separate weaknesses, there may be a skill that combines both elements for greater damage. Aiding in this are auto-battle macros, in which specific combos can be set to fight against certain enemies.

Mr. Tired Media is looking to raise $50,000 by July 29, 2015. The game is set for release on PC if the goal is reached, but stretch goals include PlayStation 4 and Vita versions. Backers can get a digital copy of the game for $30, though the first 250 backers can get it for the early-bird special of $25. Higher tier rewards include a copy of the game's soundtrack, digital and physical art book, and a physical PS4 copy. Undead Darlings has an estimated release date of May 2016.

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