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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC Impression


Dragon Age: Inquistion

BioWare and EA have promised a plethora of Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC to drop within the year. I finally had the chance to tackle its first offering, Jaws of Hakkon on my PlayStation 4.

Jaws of Hakkon opens the Inquisitor and her party to the Frostback Basin, an area lush with plant life, mountains and fearsome Avvar, independent hunters who have settled in the lands. Our story begins when the Inquisitor is asked to explore the culture of Avvar and seek out what happened to the previous Inquisitor and the dragon, Hakkon, that he was sent to pursue.

With over twenty-eight missions in the basin, and eight war table quests, Jaws of Hakkon is quite the beast in terms of content to explore. The main quest itself is quite meaty and interesting to follow, as the Inquisitor goes on a wild goose chase to uncover what happened to the former Inquisitor.

What I liked about Jaws of Hakkon's main quest is the element of discovery, as having the player move between each area to only be given a small piece of the mystery, and it provides a nice build up. The final reveal with Hakkon and the cult was a little predictable in the end, even after all that running around. I didn't mind so much though because I was always adding new quests to my log as I explored the world. One quest chain I loved in this DLC was the "Guests of the Hold," which requires the party to do a series of quests, each with a different requirement. There's a good variety of quests, landmarks to uncover, and lore to read while wandering the Frostback Basin.

If there was any aspect that disappointed me in the DLC, it would be the final battle against Hakkon. Compared to all the other dragon battles in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Hakkon is fairly easy to take down with a party of one mage, two warriors, and a rogue. Moreover, he doesn't have any special tricks to have to consider during combat such as shields, and unfortunately plays like every other dragon battle in that at some point he will call his minions. The final boss fight against Hakkon is easy-breezy and considering Jaws of Hakkon recommends that players are to be at least level twenty-three or higher, you still shouldn't have too much difficultly in taking the high dragon down.

Overall, Jaws of Hakkon is a solid effort in terms of content, and it will keep fans entertained for hours on end. Completing the main quest should take around three to four hours to complete, while finishing all the quests can easily push that to over six hours. While there's fun to be had, but it's tough to say whether this DLC is worth the $14.99 price point, but I can say for the die-hard Dragon Age fans, it's a great area to explore and lose some hours in.

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