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The World of Final Fantasy Expands with a Remake - E3


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Two new Final Fantasy titles debuted at Sony's E3 conference yesterday. The two games are a spin-off titled World of Final Fantasy and the long-anticipated HD remake of Final Fantasy VII.

World of Final Fantasy stars two siblings on an adventure through the world of Grimoire. Players are able to brefriend various classic Final Fantasy monsters and can transform the characters from being regular sized, where the chibi monsters can ride on them, to chibified versions, where the siblings can ride on the larger monsters. Other Final Fantasy characters, such as Cloud Strife, will appear in the game. At present only the Japanese version of the trailer is officially available, and can be viewed below. World of Final Fantasy is due out worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.

Speaking of Cloud, Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced through a cinematic trailer, which can seen below. Not too many details were released at this time, with the game currently only confirmed for PlayStation 4 and no release date given. More details are set to be released this winter.

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