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Episode Duscae 2.0 Date, Development History Revealed


Final Fantasy XV

Another Active Time Report has dropped, this time revealing some details of the continuing development of Final Fantasy XV. Additionally, director Hajime Tabata highlighted some changes that have occured since the game's rebranding from Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

In response to many fan complaints, Tabata says that items will be able to be purchased and sold in bulk for the final release. There are also plans to have the miscellaneous loot dropped by enemies to serve more purpose in the full game, such as components for improving the car or crafting weapons. Another complaint was the lack of variety in sound effects and background music, for which there are plans to fill in non-combat time with more music and to have it react more dynamically to the actions of the characters. Tabata also discussed the possibility of underwater movement and battles, but admitted the idea was quite difficult to implement.

Conversation then shifted to the the numerous changes that occured to the story since development changed from Versus XIII to XV. While the team made strides to keep the vision of the original alive, some aspects have been changed. Namely, the original heroine, Stella, has been removed from the game and replaced with Luna, who serves a different role and function in the story. A previous trailer which showed the opening for Versus XIII, an attack on the city of Insomnia by the forces of Nilfheim during a party, has been reworked to fit the new framework of the story. Tabata then summarized that XV is a different game than Versus.

Lastly, the updated Episode Duscae will drop on June 9, 2015. The game will not be making an appearance at this month's E3, but will instead be appearing at Gamescom.

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