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Tokyo Xanadu

Various new bits of information for Nihom Falcom's upcoming PlayStation Vita-exclusive RPG, Tokyo Xanadu, have emerged over the last few weeks. Chief amongst these are various character introductions, but they have also been accompanied by a few details about the gameplay and general setting.

The two playable characters to make their first appearances are Mitsuki Hokuto and Shio Takahata. Eighteen-year-old Mitsuki is the current student council president of Morimiya High School and is also in line to succeed the Presidency of the Hokuto Group from her grandfather, Seijuroh Hokuto. Mitsuki wields a double-ended staff and uses various magic-based skills and attacks. Shio Takahata is also eighteen years old and is the former leader of a delinquent group called BLAZE, which has supposedly re-emerged under different leadership. In combat, Shio uses a large sword and many power-based attacks.

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Also revealed are a number of supporting characters and organisations. As mentioned earlier, Seijuroh Hokuto is current President of the Hokuto Group. His eldest son and Mitsuki's father, passed away some time earlier, resulting in a dispute over who might take over the role after him that Seijuroh has seemingly resolved by setting up Mitsuki as his heir. Seijuroh is supported by his secretary, Kyouka Yukimura, who Mitsuki treats like an older sister. The Hokuto Group is part of a twelve-member group of powerful corporate organisations known as Zodiac. The Other World is of great interest to Zodiac, and the members have an agreement to stay out of international conflicts in the real world in order to concentrate on achieving technological advantages using discoveries from the Other World.

The other three newly-introduced characters are classmates of the main protagonist, Kou. Shiori Kurashiki is Kou's neighbour and childhood friend. Shiori tries to ensure Kou is coping with his solitary living arragements, and gets caught up in an incident with the Other World. Ryouta Ibuki and Jun Kohinata are also friends of Kou. Kou has known Ryouta since elementary school, while Jun joined the group during their first year at Morimiya. Ryouta is in the kendo club and is a bit of a dreamer, while Jun is generally shy and is a knowledgeable about anime and other subcultures.

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The final new details to come out revolve around strengthening character's Soul Device weapons. The process appears similar to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky's Quartz system. Players equip Soul Cores into various slots on their Soul Device. Generally these should be of the same attributes as that character, but meeting various requirements allows other attributes to be placed into the slots.

Tokyo Xanadu is due to be released in Japan on September 30, 2015. No announcement has been made regarding a western release.

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