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Updates on Two Mobile Final Fantasies


Final Fantasy Agito

New updates have come from Square Enix regarding two different mobile Final Fantasy titles in Japan. First is the announcement of Mobius Final Fantasy's release date in the country on iOS and Android as June 4, 2015. Mobius Final Fantasy's story is chapter-based, with new chapters to be provided at fixed points.

The second news involves Final Fantasy Agito, a spin-off to Final Fantasy Type-0 that was released on iOS and Android in Japan in 2014 and has now been announced for release on Windows 10 devices in Japan later this year. Final Fantasy Agito is set in the same universe as Type-0 and puts players in the role of a customisable cadet at Rubrum Academy, with many characters from Type-0 appearing in the game. Final Fantasy Agito was announced for localisation at E3 2014, but no news has come regarding any western release since. A PlayStation Vita version of the game, titled Final Fantasy Agito+, is also in development. The E3 2014 announcement trailer and some screenshots from the iOS/Android version of the game can be found below.

Click here to view more Agito screenshots.

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