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Kickstarter Check-In: Monsters' Den: Godfall


Monsters' Den: Godfall

Monstrum Games, responsible for the the web game trilogy Monsters' Den, has opened a Kickstarter to fund the fourth game in the series and first downloadable title, Monsters' Den: Godfall. The series focuses on procedurally-generated dungeon crawling, open-ended character and team progression, and turn-based combat.

In the world of Godfall, a war in the heavens caused the dead gods to fall to earth, each taking out its followers with them. Eventually, only one god remained. Now, half a century later, numerous factions are vying for power in a radically different world.

Gameplay in Godfall begins with the creation of a Mercenary Company. While players will create their own character from one of five classes at the beginning complete with skill trees and optional advanced classes the Mercenary Company recieves persistent growth separate from the character. Recruiting heroes, forming strike teams, and accepting missions is the crux of the Company. The player takes control of one team at a time, but leveling the Company will allow for more teams which can be sent on automated assignments. Controlled or automatic, all assignments reward with money, loot, and experience. Players will need as much money as they can get, as the Company has costs and must be self-sufficient.

Combat is quick and strategic. Allies and enemies are lined up on opposing 2x3 grids with mercenaries taking up a slot and positioning playing a significant role. The front row protects the back row and many attacks affect specific areas, such as attacking the whole row in front of a character. An action clock fills and units perform their actions when its full. Different spaces on the grid can also provide terrain bonuses or penalties, as well as cetain dungeons having passive effects throughout.

Godfall also has overworld exploration, which the player can take advantage of at any time. While exploring, new cities and dungeons can be discovered. Random events will also occur, which can lead to side adventures that may, or may not, prove advantageous. Time passes while exploring, however, and the Company's bills will still need to be paid. Additionally, the game will have story missions that will shed light on the events of the downfall and the growing opposing forces.

The Kickstarter for Monsters' Den: Godfall will run until June 4, 2015. Backers can get a full copy of the game which will be digital only for AU$15 (Around US$12), with a limited space option for AU$10. Higher tier rewards include an remaster of the previous game in the series, a Kickstarter-backer starting bonus, beta access, and monster and item design. Godfall will be available for PC and Mac with an estimated release date of February 2016.

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