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Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets Dolled Up


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo of Japan held its latest gameplay presentation for Monolith Soft's upcoming Wii U release, Xenoblade Chronicles X. As with the previous two videos, RPGamer has prepared a recap of the things on show, with the full Japanese-only presentation viewable at the bottom of this article. This latest video focus on the game's mechanical Dolls as well as its online features.

The half-hour presentation began with a character boarding their Doll, a mechanised unit, followed by shots of various Dolls in combat and exploration before one crashes in smoke at the base, piloted by a character named Doug. There are three types of Dolls: Light, Middle, and Heavy. Some examples of Dolls shown were named Formula, Wels, Urban, Lailah, Inferno, Mastema, and Amdusias. Light-type Dolls are fast, Mediums are easy to control, while Heavy-types have lots of health.

All four party members can pilot their own Dolls, which can quickly transform between a bipedal combat mode and wheeled transport mode. The bipedal form can jump and glide, while the wheeled form can apparently run over smaller enemies. Dolls are important for exploration as they can move the player around the world much faster, but fuel is not unlimited and requires players to keep an eye on it. Players can acquire every Doll in the game, but this will be very expensive to do.

In combat, Dolls can use different sets of weapons and arts that players can alter. There are lots of possible slots for weapons, including hand weapons, arm weapons, back weapons, shoulder weapons, etc. Super weapons can be developed, including a giant six-barrelled laser gun and a large flail. Players can also change the colour of their Dolls to any that they wish.

Returning to fuel supplies, using weapons also uses up the Doll's fuel, with stronger weapons using more. When a Doll runs out of fuel it becomes severely limited in speed and possible actions. Fuel will start to slowly recharge when players exit the Doll, but it is much more efficient for players to refuel in larger amounts back at base, for a price. Dolls can capture and stun enemies within a force field for a limited amount of time, with some other strategies for Doll combat also on show, which has its own nuances compared to standard ground combat. There is even a cockpit mode occasionally available that can help with aiming.

When the character gets injured they can no longer use the Doll, which results in them being forcibly ejected. Insuring a Doll allows its to be fully repaired up to three times, but after that repairs become very costly. Jumping out of the Doll early can save it from being destroyed, eliminating the use of an insurance claim or full repair bill.

The presentation was then interrupted by a loud alarm throughout the base, with news of a mechanical, alien force invading New Los Angeles. This led into information about the online portion of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Players can invite their friend's characters into the party, though this appears to be an AI-controlled character rather than directly playing together. Up to thirty-two people can "share" a world. Rather than direct interaction, this means the group can share in-game information, such as locations of items with each other. Friends can be given surplus equipment, with a deal feature allowing players to request items they want from others.

There are special duties where up to four players can play together in a group. The game includes special massive World enemies, which are said to require friend assistance due to their difficulty. Four-player online appears restricted to these special duties and fights. There are Unions that players can battle under, with these used for online leaderboards.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is due out in Japan on April 29, 2015 exclusively on Nintendo Wii U. The game is set for release in North America and Europe later this year.

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