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Monolith Soft's X Gets a New Name - E3


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Today, during Nintendo's E3 Digital Event the company revealed the new name for Monolith Soft's upcoming RPG. Previously just known as X, this title is now known as Xenoblade Chronicles X and will be released in 2015.

In this future Wii U title, players will be able to customize the main character's gender, shape, height, skin color, voice, and tattoos. Characters will also have different combat and defensive skills or Arts. There will also be weaponized mechs in which players can explore the game's open world. There is no confirmation on the number of players, as Nintendo just lists that as TBD, but the press release states that there will be a focus on battling enemies of all shapes and sizes while building on the original Xenoblade's battle system.

That's all the info for now. Here's the trailer that was shown during the event along with some new screens.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X
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