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Kickstarter Check-In - Pixel Noir


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SWDTech Games is seeking funding for its upcoming JRPG inspired title, Pixel Noir. Inspired by titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound, Pixel Noir stars a Private Eye who has be dismissed from the police force for blowing up a hospital. Ten years later, he hopes to uncover the truth of what actually occurred that day, but things may not be what they seem with the blurring of the line between sanity and insanity.

Featuring 2D pixel art and 3D environments, Pixel Noir is a game of intrigue and mystery. SWDTech Games is hoping to release the game on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4 and Vita. The game will feature comic book-style cutscenes, a streamlined graphical interface, and cross-save functionality. Battles will consist of "time hit" mechanics, and there will be crime scene investigation sequences to vary the gameplay.

SWDTech Games is seeking $97,000 for funding with only 19 days left in the project. You can check out Pixel Noir's official website, as well as its Kickstarter for more details about the project.

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