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The 5 Cutest Chocobos You Ever Will See!


Obvious Clickbait!

Adorable kitten pictures are so 2012. It's time for our feathered friends to take the spotlight. Everybody knows that chocobos make great mounts, treasure hunters, and even power generation employees, but did you know they're also super kawaii?

Do you doubt me? Well, you'll be a believer after you take a look at our list of the five cutest chocobos you ever will see!

1. Most chocobos are yellow, but this little guy is red hot!

2. OMG, you can dress up your chocobos? This one seems to be saying, "I can haz Fira?"

3. Aww, this little cutie just wants you to take him home and give him head scritches. Look at those eyes!

4. He's not fat, he's just big-boned! Make sure you've got plenty of gyshal greens ready if you adopt this guy!

5. This sassy chocobo seems to have quite the "tail" to tell!

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