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Code of Princess Impression - E3 2012


Code of Princess

Code of Princess was one of a series of Atlus announcements at the show. The game's localization is not quite finished yet, but what we were able to play had an infusion of quirky humor that, unlike some other games that rely heavily on witty banter, will be able to last beyond this week's memes.

Developed by the same team as Guardian Heroes, players will recognize the game flow immediately: choose an act, which will involve a story sequence, an action sequence, then a wrap-up story sequence to end the chapter. In this particular scene, a necromancer was being mistaken for a zombie, and required some rescuing. The player takes on the role of the titular Princess Solange, who has been ousted from her kingdom and is on the run (funny, Atlus seems to localize a lot of games like this...) Much like Guardian Heroes, players can move between three "tracks" within the scene (back, middle, and front) attacking enemies. Combos net the player a better score, and more experience at the end of the sequence. Clear all the enemies to proceed to the next story sequence, then it's back to the chapter selection.

The princess is able to level up and improve her abilities just like a traditional RPG; my demo had her moving from 17 to 18, hurray! There are also NPCs who will join your party and fight with you, including a thief and the aforementioned necromancer-that-isn't-a-zombie. The story is very engaging as all of the characters the Princess meets have a great way of expressing their personalities. The thief has a lock decorating her chest armor, and the necromancer, who lost her tongue ages ago, uses the skull of a ventriloquist to speak for her.

Princess Solange also wields the delightfully named DeLuxe-calibur, a mysterious sword that has an hourglass set into the blade. What this sword does is unknown, even by the princess herself, but more is unveiled as the game's story progresses. With an expected Fall 2012 release date, we won’t have to wait long to discover the secrets locked within this blade.

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Code of Princess
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