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Legends of Dawn Takes Flight on PC


Legends of Dawn

Developer Unique Games and Publisher Dreamatrix have announced a new action-RPG that will be taking flight on PCs later this year. Legends of Dawn has players traversing the world of Narr, a large and lush fantasy environment. With hundreds of different locations to uncover, the game offers tons of freedom in terms of quest completion.

Players will be able to select their race and class, but do not have to restrict themselves to learning skills specifically for their selected class. The game boasts lack of limitations in regards to anything the player chooses to do. Dreamatrix also states that the game does not feature any loading screens, creating a seamless world. For more information on Legends of Dawn, check out the game's official website. No release information has been announced at this time.

See more screens here.

Gameplay Trailers:

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Legends of Dawn
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