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Square Enix Wows With Final Fantasy Tech Demo


Square Enix

Yesterday, Square Enix President Yoichi Wada took the stage at a Square Enix conference to highlight the studio's new, multiplatform development engine from Luminous Studio. To show off the capabilities of the DirectX 11 engine, the team crafted the "Philosophy" demo which received billing as Agni's Philosophy - Final Fantasy Realtime Tech Demo.

The official site for the tech demo contains the trailer below, some screen captures from the trailer, and a brief survey about the demo. While this is currently not officially a game project, the survey does ask if the heroine Agni is appealing and if gamers would like to see more from the world shown in the demo. The demo itself uses many Final Fantasy themes such as magic, monster summoning, and using a potion to cure wounds. Currently, this engine is aimed to be used for future gaming systems, so only time will tell where things go from here.

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