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The Rise of Isengard Begins This September



Turbine Entertainment has revealed Rise of Isengard, the next major expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online. This expansion brings the free-to-play MMORPG to the land at the center of Tolkien's The Two Towers: Saruman's domain of Isengard. Here, the players of the game can explore various locations from the classic story, including the Gap of Rohan and even Saruman's tower Orthanc. The expansion will also bring numerous other additions to the game, including a raised level cap and an improvements to the "monster play" system.

Rise of Isengard will be released on September 27, but the expansion is already available for purchase from its official website. Players who pre-purchase the expansion will receive benefits in the game even before the expansion is released, including items, mounts, points for the game's content store, quest packs, and bonuses to experience point gain, depending on which version of the expansion is purchased. The price ranges from $29.99 to $49.99. For those who want to experience something of the expansion, but don't want to pay for it months ahead of time, Turbine has also released a cinematic trailer, which can be seen below.

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Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard
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