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Nora and the Engraving Studio Official Site Opens



Atlus has recently opened the official site for Nora and the Engraving Studio: The Witch of the Misty Forest (Nora to Kaku no Koubou), an upcoming DS game being developed by the creators of Etrian Odyssey and the Atelier games. Many story details and some information on its gameplay have been revealed.

The titular character's full name is Nora Brandor, an optimistic 16-year-old girl who moves to the misty forest, believing she should spend three years in a different country to hone her time manipulation trade. The people of the nearby town of Temperina, however, believe that she is Vera, a witch said to live on an island in a lake. Since she can't tell them outright about her abilities, she tries to clear the suspicion by getting closer to the townspeople through helping them.

Nora itself takes place over a period of three in-game years, and will have multiple endings. Nora uses her time manipulation abilities to solve quests and create items. She will also travel the world to fight monsters and find allies. Despite this, it is not yet clear if there will actually be any combat in this game.

Nora and the Engraving Studio will be released in Japan on July 21. It is not known if this game will be released outside of Japan.

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