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Chaos Will Ring Again Later this Month


Square Enix

Chaos Rings Omega, a prequel to the original Chaos Rings for iOS devices, has been announced. It takes place 10,000 years before the first game and, as in the original, stars four couples chosen to participate in a great tournament called the Ark Arena. They must fight to the death, or else they'll die anyway. Unlike the first game, where any of the couples could be selected, the story is only told from one character's perspective.

Of the four couples in Omega, three are named and detailed. Vahti and Viegue are described as "the pair who will be the new Adam and Eve." The story is told through Viegue's perspective. Oga and Rachel are introduced as "the husband who controls the vertex, and his wife gifted with both intelligence and beauty." Ayuta and Kushina are introduced as "a young man steeped in mystery, and his childhood friend." Viegue, Vahti, and Ayuta were all in the first game.

Aside from Chaos Rings Omega, there will also be a version upgrade to the original game that will include voice acting. Chaos Rings II was also mentioned to be in the works, though nothing else about the sequel was stated. Chaos Rings Omega will be out some time later this month. Neither of these releases have been announced for regions other than Japan, though the original game was released worldwide on the same day. A teaser image for Chaos Rings II and other magazine scans for Chaos Rings Omega can be viewed here.

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Chaos Rings Omega
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