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Videos Detail the Weapons of Pandora's Tower


Pandora's Tower

Ende, the main character of upcoming Wii title Pandora's Tower, will have more in his arsenal than just a chain. A recent update of Nintendo’s official site for the game has added many video clips featuring three of the sub weapons Ende will be able to find and use, as well as showing off the chain's functions in detail. In general, the sub weapons are used through normal button presses. Unless the Classic Controller option is used, the chain is used by moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. One sub weapon can be equipped at a time. These sub weapons can be powered up by collecting materials dropped by monsters and bringing them to the merchant Graiai. The chain is upgraded automatically by defeating the bosses in each of the 13 towers.

In this first video, Ende uses the chain to latch onto monsters, then powerfully tug at them to deal damage. By holding onto the monster longer, the chain's attack power will rise. The yellow gague at the bottom left of the screen shows how much power the chain has stored.

This clip shows the chain's ability to throw object and enemies around. Aside from attacking monsters, the chain can even be used to embed rocks or other objects into certain areas so the chain can grip it and pull Ende up.

Here Ende fires the chain to hurt monsters and destroy distant objects. It is reminiscent of the hookshot item from some of The Legend of Zelda games.

This short clip has Ende grab onto an object, inanimate or otherwise, then swing it around himself.

The sword is the first sub weapon Ende gets. It is one of the most balanced in the game. The video also shows off the ability to use the chain to immobilize monsters, then finish them off with the sword.

The dagger seems to be a faster weapon than the sword, though it can only be used on one monster at a time. Ende can combo in kicks with dagger swipes.

This last video shows off the scythe. It can attack more monsters at once than the sword. These are not the only sub weapons, as the official site mentions a dual sword that can be found later in the game.

Pandora's Tower will be released on the 26th of this month in Japan. There has still been no word on releases in North America or PAL nations.

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