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Official Site Details Pandora's Tower Gameplay


Pandora's Tower

A recent update of the official site has shed some light on Pandora's Tower's gameplay. As previously stated, Ende, the main character's goal is to enter the tower and give beast flesh to his friend Ceres so that she does not become a beast. If she does transform completely, the game ends. The status of Ceresís curse can be viewed through a circular gauge in the lower left corner of the screen. When it empties, the curse is complete and itís game over.

To truly stop the curse, Ende must obtain the flesh of the tower masters, who are deep within each tower. The master is located behind a sealed door, which must be open via certain means. The meat of lesser beasts do ward off the curse temporarily, and Ende will want to leave the tower when the gauge approaches zero.

The official site also has voice samples for Ends, Ceres, and the merchant Graiai and a high quality version of a previously shown trailer. Pandoraís Tower will be released for the Wii on May 26 in Japan. There is currently no word on it being released in North America or PAL regions.

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Pandora's Tower
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