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Namco Bandai Reveal Super Robot Wars Z+ Heading to the US


Super Robot Wars Z+

Following on from Namco Bandai's recent announcement regarding Tales of Graces F, Namco Bandai has revealed they they have recently resolved the licencing deadlock preventing games in the Super Robot Wars series from releasing outside Japan. Super Robot Wars Z+ is an enhanced PS3 remake of Super Robot Wars Z and Super Robot Wars Z: Special Disk, both originally released on the PS2 in Japan in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Features added to this version include a more comprehensive encyclopedia for mecha fans to browse through, and the 2D battle sprites being reworked into HD.

Namco Bandai have said that the localization staff who previously localized Koei's Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 are working on the long and complex script, and are in talks with O3 Entertainment and other companies to provide a full English voice track. The release date of January 3 20012 has been given for both Japan and the US, with Europe following along "soon after".

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