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Item Details Emerge for Loki



More information on Loki is starting to appear on the internet as the game approaches launch. Details on what type of weapons and armor you can use has surfaced, including customizable items. Thousands of items will be collectable throughout the game, including 500 unique items such as Thor's hammer and Achilles' armor. Weapons and armor are separated into 15 classes each, and further broken down into 41 levels. Available weapons will allow players to fight from a distance or close up. Some of the examples given are bows, disks, spears, claws, swords, hammers, and magical artifacts like staffs and talismans. Every weapon and piece of armor has its own look, so your character's appearance will change depending on what is equipped.

Loki also gives players the choice of customizing weapons and armor. Characters may visit a blacksmith who will either forge a new item and give it new attributes, or improve an existing one. Players also have the ability to melt down existing objects into their raw components. Depending on what materials are gained, players will be able to reassemble items into new ones, or add magical runes to give the item special properties.

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