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Heroes of Mana Crosses Atlantic


Heroes of Mana

Square Enix announced this week that Heroes of Mana for the Nintendo DS will be coming to PAL territories this fall. Heroes of Mana offers a new twist on the series by having gameplay take the form of real-time strategy. Gameplay for these battles will make use of the stylus and allow players to manipulate their armies on the touch screen.

Players will take on the role of Roget, a soldier of Pedda. When his aircraft is shot down in enemy territory he and his companions begin to realize they have become pawns in their homeland's militarily expansionistic plans. Faced with the reality of their homeland's betrayal and the atrocities committed by their own forces, they find themselves fighting against Pedda itself.

"We’re very excited to be bringing Heroes of Mana to Europe," said the President and CEO of Square Enix Ltd., John Yamamoto. "The Mana series has long been adored by fans around the world. Heroes of Mana offers a fantastically fresh new approach, with the addition of real-time strategy that makes battles even more thrilling than before."

Players will take command of heroes and monsters on the battlefield. The game will also offer a local multiplayer option and boasts of a score written by Yoko Shimomura, composer for the Kingdom Hearts series.

Heroes of Mana is scheduled for release on August 14 in North America and sometime this fall in Europe. Earlier this month, one of our own staffers had a chance to try out the game firsthand. Check out his impression of Heroes of Mana here.

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Heroes of Mana
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