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Jeanne d'Arc Battle System Details


Jeanne d'Arc

The Level-5 development team recently answered a number of questions concerning their upcoming PSP title, Jeanne d'Arc. While some of the information is already well-known, such as the inclusion of fantasy elements into the traditional Joan of Arc story, Level-5 revealed information on some unique aspects of the strategy RPG's battle system.

If two characters trap an enemy between them, a Burning Aura will be activated. This will allow characters to inflict more damage upon the trapped enemy. Similarly, characters positioned next to each other on the map receive higher physical defense due to Unified Guard. The defense bonus will increase for every character added to the Unified Guard; however, this will leave the group vulnerable to area-of-effect magic spells.

The Transformation system looks to add further strategic play to Jeanne d'Arc. This will allow specially equipped characters to enter a transformed state, which gives that character higher stats and new abilities. Furthermore, transformed characters receive another turn every time they defeat an enemy in battle. This opens the potential to defeat a large group of enemies with one character in a single turn.

Skill Stones act as a form of character customization, raising stats like HP or MP, adding special attacks, or activating passive skills such as HP recovery. Skills can be combined to create new, more powerful skills.

Jeanne d'Arc will also feature a rotating camera to allow players to view the battlefield from an ideal angle. The game should take around 40 hours for the average player to complete.

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Jeanne d'Arc
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