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Run to the Sun - Day 1 - Aksys Games


Hoshigami Remix

We would like to thank Director of Marketing, Gail Salamanca, and President of Aksys, Akibo Shieh, for allowing us into their quaint office for a visit today. We had a chance to head out to lunch with Gail and his co-workers Associate Producer, Mike Manzanares, and Product Specialist, Bo deWindt, to ask them a few questions about their company and soon to be released Hoshigami Remix.

Starting with Eagle Eye Golf and now moving to Hoshigami Remix, does Aksys Games want to find a specific focus?
Gail Salamanca: Yes, we would like to focus on RPGs, but are currently just working on getting our name out.

Any chance of seeing you working on any PSP RPGs that never made it to North America?
Gail: We will likely not be working on anything for the PSP. Based on sheer numbers, the DS is a better option for us at this time.

As seen in our prior Hoshigami Remix interview, there is concern about the game since the original was considered...well, horrid. What steps have been taken to untarnish the Hoshigami name?
Gail: Well, other than the new difficulty levels and fixed confirmation system, there is also a new character that has been added to the story. Along with that character comes a new scenario based around this character. There is updated character art, the soundtrack has been updated, and there are other bonus features as well. We think of Hoshigami Remix as a brand new vision of the game, not just a port of the original.

Is there anything about Hoshigami Remix that will make it stand out when compared to the other SRPGs coming out this year?
Gail: Hoshigami Remix offers a serious, deep story and really stands alone when compared to other SRPGs out there. The RAP system and Sessions allow for more unique and creative options during combat. A gamer can't just swarm the enemy force and expect the best results; they have to use strategy to do well.

What about the bonus features you were talking about? Can we get some more details?
Gail: Yes, there is the ability to use the DS for local trading of items and weapons with friends who also have a copy of the game. Also, we are also creating special items that we will be personally distributing at events such AX (Anime Expo 2007).

So for all of those that are interested in picking up Hoshigami Remix, when should we expect it?
Gail: It is currently scheduled for June 26, 2007.

Once again, we'd like to thank Gail and the rest of Aksys Games being such gracious hosts. We also have some impressions of Hoshigami Remix based on the brief time we were able to play it.

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Hoshigami Remix
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