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Disgaea PSP; Same Name, Different Game



NIS America held a small press party earlier this week where they announced four new titles. One of these titles was the North American release of Disgaea PSP, scheduled for this August. Originally, it was announced for Japan as a port of the PlayStation 2 hit, but, for North America, NIS America has gone back to the developers for add a whole new twist to the game.

This time around, the story will focus on Etna instead of Laharl. Etna has always wanted to be the Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord, and this time she gets her desire. Completing this will net an entirely new ending to the game, giving Disgaea veterans something to strive for.

Another addition to the title is the addition of Geo Cubes. Geo Cubes can add special effects to the battlefield. The use of these Geo Cubes have the ability to change balance of the battle so much so that even a level 1 character has a chance against anything.

The most anticipated addition to Disgaea is multi-player capability. Players will be able to set all the rules for the engagement. The typical winning condition of kill everyone can be changed to defeat the leader or a capture the flag mode. There will also be an option to level balance both sides of the battle. However, each player will be able to select 10 Geo Cubes at the start of the match, possibly making the opponent's levels a moot point.

Other characters from many of NIS's other titles will make cameo appearances in the portable version of Disgaea. They will allow the player to purchase from other titles to play on the item selection screen.

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