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Sigma Star Saga Site Updated


Sigma Star Saga

Namco, publishers of the space shooter/RPG Sigma Star Saga for the Game Boy Advance, have recently brought the game's official website to life in all its intergalactic glory. There's a plethora of info available for the clicking, spanning nine brand-spankin' new links including game and character info, concept art, screenshots and more.

Sigma Star Saga mixes RPG elements (weapon and spaceship customization) with a "space shooter battle system." Players assume the role of fighter pilot Ian Recker as he embarks on a mission of revenge against the Krill, a ruthless alien race that attacked Earth and defeated his strike squad, the Sigma Team. While on foot, players will utilize a gun to attack foes that can be upgraded during the course of the game. There will also be battles that will occur in Ian's spaceship. These battles will occur with a classic shooter style battle system.

Sigma Star Saga recently went gold and will be released in August. Look forward to RPGamer's review of the title when it ships.

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Sigma Star Saga
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