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Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Pre-order Campaign to Re-launch Soon


Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~

Nearly a month after the game's original pre-order campaign was canceled, leaving all pre-orders that were placed before then null and void, NIS America announced yesterday that it will re-launch its pre-order campaign for Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ on June 16. The first 500 who pre-order from NIS America's online store, along with everyone who pre-ordered during the game's last ill-fated pre-order campaign, will receive a soundtrack CD featuring 39 songs from Eternal Mana. The soundtrack is also available from many other gaming retailers. The goodies don't stop there however; everyone who pre-orders will receive a password on their shipping confirmation information that will give them access to a mini strategy guide.

The original pre-order campaign was halted just before E3 in May, due to what were called "privacy issues" by NIS America representatives. Among many who pre-ordered, this caused concerns with what NIS America meant by "privacy issues." Recently, NIS America put these fears to rest by explaining that credit card information is not stored in any database after it is authorized, and that the card must be charged within 30 days of that authorization to thusly avoid problems with cards expiring, and credit limits being exceeded. Consequently, the game's delay left NIS America with no way to charge credit cards within the 30-day time frame, because the card numbers were not stored in a database.

Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana ~ is scheduled to ship on June 28. Look forward to RPGamer's full review of the game on its release date.

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Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~
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