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N-Gage Promises Power


Rifts: Promise of Power

Rifts, a long-running pen-and-paper RPG from Palladium Books, Inc., is now set to become an exclusive N-Gage title, titled Rifts: Promise of Power. Co-developed by Keven Siembieda, the game promises 40+ hours of intriguing gameplay that stays as true to the original game as possible.

For those unfamiliar with Rifts, the basic premise of the game is to assemble your party from a unique and varying selection of 12 character classes and explore the world. Countries available for exploration include North America, Scotland, China, and New German Republic. The movement in Rifts will be real-time, while the battles will be turn-based.

Rifts promises five game modes, including Melee, Defender, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Survival. It will feature a 360 degree camera in a 3D world. Players can combat up to three friends over the N-Gage Arena using the wireless Bluetooth connection. Turn notifications, global online rankings, and messaging are also available over the N-Gage Arena.

Rifts: Promise of Power is currently set for a August 2005 release exclusively for the Nokia N-Gage. Keep RPGamer your source for updates on this RPG.

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