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Light Cast on New Shadow Hearts Characters


Shadow Hearts 3: From the New World

The Shadow Hearts series of games have been known for the quirky, offbeat characters that fill out the ranks of the usual suspects for playable characters. Previously released were the details on the more 'normal' characters for the upcoming Shadow Hearts: From the New World, and now we have the details on some of the more oddball characters that will join the party.

First on the list, we have Frank Goldfinger, a 46 year old ninja with a supply of sketchy ninja techniques that he learned after crashing his own personal airplane into the Amazon jungle and discovering a hidden sect of ninja. Intelligent and imbued with a strong sense of justice, Frank makes an unfortunate habit of being far too dramatic, and also tends to take too many things at face value.

The second character is Mao, a female cat who is very likely over 100 years old. No one knows if she was born with the ability, or if she learned during her long life, but Mao is able to speak human languages fluently. Originally from Asia, Mao decided to come to America, where, after lots of meandering, she eventually ended up in Chicago. Currently, she hangs around a certain mobster's house for the free food, and possibly free booze as well. Mao loves to drink, and shamelessly takes advantage of her being a cat to ignore the Prohibition laws. In a fight, Mao is a Drunken Master, and the drunker she is, the more deadly she becomes.

The third character, Hildegard Valentine, is the latest member of the well known vampire family, the Valentines. Convinced she's the true heroine of the game, Hilde was on her way to America for a sight-seeing tour when her plane, built for her by an acquaintance, suddenly crashed. Confused by the locals for an alien, she is then captured. Her ability in battle is Calorie Counting. Depending on how many calories she has consumed, she can transform into various shapes. Some of them might even do something to change her generally bratty, self-centered, and violent personality.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World is slated for release on July 28 in Japan, with no North American release yet announced. However, given the release record of previous games in the series, chances seem good that the game will see a North American release at some point soon.

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Shadow Hearts: From the New World
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