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Annual Game Symphony Concert Recieves Program Update


The annual Game Music Symphony Concert in Leipzig, Germany has updated its concert repertoire to reflect additions to the program. Chrono Cross, World of Warcraft, and Dragon Quest are three new RPGs recently added to the program. These titles join the previously announced Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in the concert program.

When asked for a comment, program coordinator Thomas Boecker said, "We are particularly proud to feature Dragon Quest and Chrono Cross, two very special Square-Enix titles. We are very happy about Dragon Quest because the composer Sugiyama-san was the first person who organized a Symphonic Game Music Concert." Boecker continued, "We are also very proud of having World of Warcraft. Composer Jason Hayes will write an exclusive medley for our concert."

Boecker hinted that three more titles have yet to be announced, though this is no guarantee that they will be RPG titles.

The concert will be on August 17, 2005 in Leipzig, Germany. The concert contains music from many different genres of videogames, including RPGs, and will be presented by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra, which specializes in videogame soundtrack recording. Those who live in Germany and are interested can purchase tickets. Fans living outside Germany can purchase tickets through an English site.

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