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New Tales of Legendia Characters Show Off Their Claws


Tales of Legendia

Some new character and gameplay imformation has recently surfaced for the upcoming Tales of Legendia. Those familiar to the Tales series will recognize the "skits" system, where the individual characters' portraits will appear onscreen as they speak. This is not only limited to main characters in this installment; non-playable characters will also be rewarded with many various portraits. In addition to the "skits" system is the previously announced "claw" system for special attacks. Claws are broken down into two types: "Art" claws and "Breath" claws. While the function of Breath claws has not been announced yet, Art claws correspond to physical attacks. You don't have to do anything special to learn skills; they are automatically learned at certain levels. After using a particular skill a certain number of times, you will master it, allowing it to be used in combination attacks with other mastered skills.

Character details for the upcoming Namco title have also been revealed. The characters are part of a group known as the "Pheromone Bombers." Ed Curtis, known as the "Great Pheromone," is a 30-year-old performer from the city of Weltis. He has quite a following and can usually be found by the fountain singing to his fans. He captivates his fans to the point that it's best not to disturb them, as they get quite angry. He is a firm believer in the idea that "the whole world is a family," and he calls everyone he meets "brother" or "sister."

Curtis's partner is Isabella Robbins, and she is also a singer. Known as the "Wonder Pheromone," she is renowned for her acute sense of hearing. She is rumored to be able to listen to a crowd of 100 people talking and pick out each individual voice and even the sound of a fly buzzing in the background. She is said to actually be a normal person, when Curtis is not around.

Tales of Legendia is scheduled to be released in Winter 2006. Look to RPGamer for more details as they become available.

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