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Battle For Makai Wars Won't Be Over Before Christmas


Nippon Ichi

News about Nippon Ichi's PSP title Makai Wars has been sparse since E3 2004. Earlier this week, though, some information did surface, although it may not be of a vein desirable to gamers.

It has been officially confirmed that production on Makai Wars has been halted for the time being. Those fans who have contacted the NIS America service and questioned the title's status have received messages that the game has been cancelled, but NIS Marketing Coordinator Jack Niida assures that it has only been "placed aside for now." The reasons behind this delay are rather numerous, concerning both the developer's work force and technical difficulties. Firstly, production and localization coding are handled by the same team at NIS, and with both Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and Phantom Kingdom coming to North America and another Japanese game in the works, the docket is surely full. Secondly, a number of technical issues have arisen, causing the title to miss its planned Japanese release with the PSP.

Although gaming history is littered with tales of unfinished projects being pushed aside or forgotten forever, fans of NIS should not despair. If the PSP sells well, and the developers can work out the bugs, production may resume.

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