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Hironobu Sakuguchi buys out Square-Enix, becomes new CEO


Square Enix

This was an April Fool's Joke

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In a completely unpredicted move, Hironobu Sakuguchi, long term designer behind the Final Fantasy series, managed a takeover of his former employer Square-Enix. While it's been known for a long time that he has remained a major stock holder in the company, it has now been revealed that his separation from the company to form Mist Walker was in fact done to obscure his true motives of regaining control of the company. While attention was distracted by his separation and gathering of several of his old co-workers, he was making swift bids to acquire enough shares of the company to attain control. Having just recently managed to get fifty-one percent of the company stock, he has immediately called for a vote to instate him as the new company CEO. With a majority vote, Hironobu was able to achieve his goals, taking the reigns of Square-Enix.

Quickly rehiring his gathered allies from Mist Walker, Hironobu has released a press release explaining his motives and goals for the company:

"Square Enix has gotten too far away from its original purpose. Far from being the vortex of creativity that it gained fame and prestige for, it has become a mechanical being. I could not stand by and allow this to happen. We are going to change the company back onto the correct track."

Further interviews indicated that several teams have been brought together as the company reorganizes to fit Hironobu's vision. Hironobu indicated that among the reworking of the company, Final Fantasy XII was going to be delayed in order to improve it to the level of quality that the customers deserve. The news was not all bad though, as Hironobu also indicated he has no intention of dropping the projects he'd began design work on at Mist Walker and was even now organizing creative teams to bring them into being as well as hints of a desire to revisit the Chrono universe. "The Chrono universe has always interested me greatly and I've always wanted to revisit it for another tale following the story of Magus and his adventures following the fall of Zeal. I cannot tell more since that would give away the excitement, but this will correct the course of the series bringing it to a proper conclusion." He called the project 'Crono Trigger:Time's End,' but stated it was far too early to give more information about it.

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