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Arc the Lad: Generation Information Arrives, Website Opens



Details concerning the characters, story and battle system of Arc the Lad: Generation have arrived, courtesy of the Japanese magazine Dengeki. In addition, the game's official Japanese website has opened, although for the time being it is only a splash screen with character art.

The story of Arc the Lad: Generation takes place five years after the events of its predecessor, Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Edda is an orphan who was raised on Crahf Island by the Hemo-ji tribe. His memories of his parents are vague, but he knows that they gave him a staff and taught him how to use it in combat. One day, he finds a young archaeologist named Kilika washed ashore on his island. Sometime after this encounter, Edda discovers his talents as an exorcist, and like any reasonable young man with a supernatural gift, he decides to embark on an adventure with his best friend Hemo. They will cross paths many times with Kilika on their journey.

The action-oriented battle system of Arc the Lad: Generation will be a departure from the traditions of the series. The character's life meter will be shown at the top of the screen, and two other meters will stretch across the bottom. Their purpose is unknown at this time. In addition, the four buttons of the PS2 controller will be shown on the screen; each one will be used for different attacks.

Arc the Lad: Generation is scheduled to arrive in Japan this fall. A North American release has not been announced.

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