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Sony Continues an Adventure


Arc the Lad

V-Jump magazine has reported that Sony is currently developing Arc the Lad: Generation for the Playstation 2. This title is not the online title that was rumored to be in development a few years back, but rather a single player RPG.

Little is known regarding the setting of this title, though a trio of characters have been announced. Edda, who seeks to become a hunter is the hero. He will be helped along by the débonnaire Hemo, a dwarf of the Hemogee tribe. Their meeting with the mysterious Kilika, archaeologist on Crahf Island, will seal the destiny of the world. What this destiny is has yet to be unveiled. The battle system utilizes an "Active Battle" system which has not been unveiled yet.

More details for Arc the Lad: Generation are scheduled to be released next week. At this time, the title is scheduled for release in Japan in the Fall of 2004. So far, there has been announcement regarding this title's release outside of Japan.

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Arc the Lad: Generation
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