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Final Fantasy XII Cast Grows


Final Fantasy XII

The cast of Square Enix's upcoming PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII continues to grow. Recently revealed information mentions a new playable character and a familiar race.

The newest addition to the cast is Basche, a commoner of Dalmaska who rose in the military ranks to become a general. As a brave and just leader, Basche admired by many young people, and he is well-liked in Dalmaska. However, he is surrounded by mystery and tragedy. When the king of Dalmaska is murdered, Basche becomes the prime suspect. His character is further clouded when he negotiates a surrender with the invading forces of Arcadia. Basche will join the party as a playable character, but it is possible that his participation will be temporary.

In addition, new screens reveal the existence of moogles in Final Fantasy XII. Like their counterparts in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, they are well-dressed and have long ears. In this version of Ivalice, however, they manage the chocobo stables.

The release dates for Final Fantasy XII remain unclear. It is possible that the game could be released in Japan as early as this winter or as late as next spring. A North American release will follow.

Updated 06/06/04: New information has surfaced concerning monster behavior in the field. Monsters can detect the party by sight, sound, or odor. This is not new to the series; monsters in Final Fantasy XI detect players in the same manner. Monsters can also camouflage themselves and ambush the party.

In addition, when the party enters a town, the group will split up and go in different directions. This happened often in Final Fantasy IX. In addition, as players explore cities, they can locate speaking NPCs by looking for a "talk" icon above the citizens' heads.

RPGamer would like to thank Billy Young for unearthing the information.

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