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More Details for Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia


Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has revealed new details on the upcoming Final Fantasy XI expansion Chains of Promathia. To add to the aforementioned areas of Tavnazia and Movalpolos, two others have been announced. Pso'Xja is an underground ruin system thats has been under the control of the shadowy Tenshodo, an underground merchant guild. Filled with the carvings of a lost civilzation, the Tenshodo have decided to open the ruins to exploration by adventurers. The other area is Attowha Chasm, an arid land that makes up eastern Aragoneu. Attowha is home to poisonous gases and unique creatures that can thrive in this harsh environment. It is also home to the mysterious Parradamo Tor, a hill that is said to be in the chasm but from which adventurers never return.

Two new NPCs have also been announced that will add to the established Final Fantasy XI storyline. Prishe is a young girl raised in the ways of theology, and a young boy known only as the "Enigmatic Youth" appears out of nowhere but speaks little. Chains of Promathia is named after the "God of Twilight" who is said to have bound himself in chains. The new storyline should give more insight into this primal force in Vana'diel.

Chains of Promathia is expected to be released simultaneously in Japan and North America this fall. We will have more information as it is announced.

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