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Atlus to Re-release Disgaea


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Atlus has announced their plans to re-release their unique strategy RPG Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. No added features for this release have been announced as of yet, but on May 25th those who missed out the game the first time around will have another chance to score a copy.

If you spend the last of your lunch money picking up the re-release, and are not able to afford spending more cash on the strategy guide, then mosey on over to the Double Jump Books online store, where Atlus has provided a downloadable PDF version of the official strategy guide.

Disgaea takes place two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, ruler of the Netherworld. Unaware of what has taken place, his son Laharl awakens from a long sleep to learn of his father's death. With the help of his subordinate Etna and her underlings, Laharl must fend off scheming demons who vie for supremacy over the underworld, and take his rightful place on the throne and claim his birthright.

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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
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