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For over a year, fans have been kept in wait for information concerning a North American release of Shadow Hearts 2. As of late, however, new information about its North American incarnation has been flying off the presses.

Covenant will feature the return of the Judgement Ring battle system, albeit with a few tweaks. One tweak in particular will be the ability to perform team-based combo attacks. The story side of things will take place six months from where the original Shadow Hearts left off. Yuri, the returning protagonist from Shadow Hearts, will embark on a new expedition with friends Gepetto, a puppet master, and Kallen, a German female soldier. Yuri's morphing abilities have been weakened as a result of a curse placed on him by Nicholas, a member of a secret society taking advantage of the war to fulfill their evil ambitions of ruling the world. Yuri and his cohorts are forced to journey through an alternate-history First World War Europe to find a cure for his curse and defeat the malevolent cult.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is slated for a North American release this fall. With the rate that new information is being made available, you can expect more information soon.

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