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New Information For Front Mission Online, Ambrosia Odyssey


Front Mission Online, Ambrosia Odyssey

The PlayOnline library is set to expand with two more games planned for release in Japan. Front Mission Online and Ambrosia Odyssey will try to give users of the PlayOnline service something to do besides Final Fantasy XI. Front Mission Online will allow for large groups of players to cooperate in Square Enix's popular mech combat universe. A limited beta test starts this summer, with a release sometime in 2005.

Ambrosia Odyssey is an online action-RPG, which revolves around each player having a hometown. While in town, quests can be undertaken and the decisions made during their completion affects the outcome of the storyline, and the town's future. Players can also visit each other's towns, and work together to accomplish their missions. Unfortunately, Ambrosia Odyssey has had setbacks in its development, and both its beta test schedule and release date are in "to be announced" status.

No word is out on whether either of these games will see a North American release. We will, of course, be on the lookout for the answer to this question at the upcoming E3 event.

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Front Mission Online | Ambrosia Odyssey
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