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Sony E3 Lineup Leaked



A glitch at Sony's official website has caused information on the company's E3 lineup to be made available to the public. It appears the problem has been remedied by the simple expedient of redirecting traffic from to, but while the exploit existed, it was possible to search through Sony's various games by number and find out which would be making an appearance at the upcoming show. To nobody's surprise, the console giant will be showcasing a number of RPGs at this year's show, a number of which have yet to be officially announced. Here are the games that will be on display (as well as their corresponding numbers on the site):

While there has been no official confirmation of the display of these titles, their presence on the Sony website is a fairly strong indication they will be a part of the show lineup. RPGamer will be at E3 this coming May to bring you coverage of these and all the other RPGs on display at the show. Thanks go out to Doug Hill for the tip.

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