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Square Enix Broadens Horizons of Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy XI

Several months ago, Square Enix copyrighted the name Chains of Promathia as the title of the next Final Fantasy XI expansion. This week's edition of Famitsu confirms that the expansion is in the works, and the magazine also revealed a few of the new features coming to Vana'diel.

Chains of Promathia will introduce an entirely new storyline along with over 40 new areas for exploration. The Goblin city Moblupolis and the ancient ruins of Tabanesia Archipelago are just two of the must-see sights that will open. While the expansion will not increase the level cap, new items -- such as portable rafts -- will be added to help players get around the new areas.

Chains of Promathia will be available in Japan sometime this fall. A North American release date has not been announced.

PlayOnline has revealed a few vague bits of new information regarding Chains of Promathia; Final Fantasy XI's soon to be released expansion. Chains of Promathia will bring reality to "fabled legends". Also, additional secrets will be discovered "as some of the mysteries of Vana.diel are unraveled".

Not so vague, however, is the announcement that Chains of Promathia will be released simultaneously in Japan and North America this fall. Look for it on store shelves near you, as Chains of Promathia will only be available on CD-ROM.

UUPDATE - 4/29/04

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