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New Xenosaga II Information Emerges


Xenosaga 2

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Boese's Japanese release on July 31 is only a few months away and new information is hot off the presses. The AWGS will play a much larger role in Episode 2, and will be used a lot more often than in Episode 1. Players will now be able to use the AWGS to travel around the maps in a similar manner as in Xenogears. Xenosaga Episode II also marks the introduction of the new "G2 Campaign", in which players will participate in the investigation of civilian life by completing certain tasks. Once these tasks are completed, the player will be rewarded with special items given to them from the client that asked them to do the job.

Along with these changes many familiar things are returning in Episode II. The Segment Address/Decoder doors will be hidden throughout the game, but instead of being heavily item-based, players will find a lot more parts for creating three new invincible robots similar to Erde Kaiser from Episode I. The map mechanics are similar to Episode I, with the ability to see enemies coming, and the necessity to blow up certain obstacles to progress through the areas.

With a healthy mix of new ideas and familiar game mechanics, Xenosaga Episode II should be much anticipated by fans of the original. Expect a North American release sometime in Spring 2005.

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Xenosaga II
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