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Tales of Rebirth

Tales of Rebirth, the newest installment of Namco's Tales series, is starting to shape up. Unlike the Japanese Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth will be its own entity, separate from the rest of the series. The graphical style will return to Mutsumi Inomata's hand-drawn 2D artistry, and the events are set on a continent called "Karegia" that features "Huma" (human) race and the "Gajuma" race. Humas will be portrayed as an intelligent, agile species, whereas the Gajuma have focused more on brute strength.

The hero of Tales of Rebirth is a Huma by the name of Veigue Lungberg. He's the quintessential RPG hero - an orphan raised by a family in the frigid wilderness, Veigue wanders Karegia detached and mute. Veigue was not born mute; an unexplained incident a year ago supposedly caused him to "close his heart," or so his profile says.

Veigue Lungberg is the only known character at this moment, but as more details about the world and characters of Tales of Rebirth slip out of Namco's offices, we'll be sure to stay on top of them. No North American release has been announced, but we'll be hoping to see it at E3 nonetheless.

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Tales of Rebirth
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