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Previously Announced Tales Title Loses Ellipses



Japanese publication V-Jump recently revealed the official title of Namco's previously unnamed next Tales game as Tales of Rebirth. The name should come as no surprise, as Namco has held the trademarks for the phrase in both Japan and the United States for quite some time.

Tales of Rebirth will be released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan sometime later this year. A North American release has not been announced, but because the name is trademarked in the United States, a North American release is quite possible. Early screenshots printed in V-Jump indicate that the game will be 2D. The story will take place in a world occupied by both humans and a yet-to-be-revealed race, and the main character is a young man named Vague Ringbell, who lost his voice in a terrible childhood accident.

In related news, Namco has announced that Tales of Symphonia, a previously GameCube-exclusive title, will be released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan sometime this year. Namco promises to upgrade certain parts of the game for the PS2 release, but no specifics have been mentioned.

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