FFCC - Crystallized Battle Details

Recently, some small battle details were released regarding Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

The first of the new information bits says that players will have the ability to form new magic attacks by combining multiple spells. For example, the combination of a thunder spell and a fire spell would form a type of "fire-bomb" attack. Combining two attacks of the same type will double the elemental power of the attack. Magic can also be cast on a weapon to perform a magic weapon attack.

Interactivity with one's surroundings will also play a role in FFCC's battles. For example, casting a fire spell on an oil can will cause it to explode, damaging enemies within range.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is currently slated to arrive in Japanese stores on August 8th, and hit North America some time in November. More details will be reported as they are announced.

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Source: [Magic Box]

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