River City Ransom Remade
Atlus has announced that it is remaking River City Ransom, a rather odd and twisted RPG. The premise of this unique RPG is that the local school has been taken over by a gang. The only two people that weren't at the school when it was captured, Alex and Ryan, are the characters you play as in an attempt to rescue the school prisoners, including Ryan's girlfriend.

Titled River City Ransom Ex, the Game Boy Advance remake features significant freedom of customization. In order for your characters to evolve, by way of stat increases and mastering new techniques, you must buy items. There will be two different game modes, Story and Battle. Story mode consists of guiding the characters through the main story, in either single-player or two-player cooperative mode. Battle mode consists of pitting two customized characters against each other. Since the game is on the GBA, it will feature Game Link capability. In addition to the multiplayer aspects of the link, in Special Link mode you can display the actual gameplay on the screen of one GBA, while viewing the status screen on another. Players can save customized character data for trading with other players or for use battling against friends in Battle mode.

Atlus is touting the title as the "RPG of side-scrolling fighting games," and plans to develop more titles off of it. No date has yet been set for the game's release.

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by Orie House    

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