Magic Pengel Release Draws Near
Magic Pengel

Agetec announced today that development of Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color for the PlayStation 2 has been completed. The innovative game makes use of player-designed characters in a quest to reunite a fragmented family.

"We are very excited about the release of Magic Pengel. For the first time in history, gamers are able to use their creativity to interact with a game by drawing their own characters and have them come to life," said Rob Alvarez, Agetec's vice president. "As Agetec grows, we look forward to continuing the diversification of our product lineup with those titles that meet our standard of excellence."

Magic Pengel is slated for release on June 24th. For further info on this title, check out our full preview and impressions from last month's E3.

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by Alex Wollenschlaeger    

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